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Blog Articles

I have 6+ years of blog writing primarily focused on health and wellness, specifically ketogenic living but also modern, scientifically back nutrition as well. I inject humor into blog posts to keep the reader focused and to keep my copy from sounding like the billions of other pages like it.

SEO Strategy

I have 4 years of SEO content strategy under my belt, writing for financial, health, cannabis and VPN websites. My copy is written to maximize best practices for SEO in 2019 without sounding robotic, forced or salesy. I use humor to improve the engagement of the reader and keep them on the page while still clearly conveying the topic at hand.


Information architecture

By working with me, you can ensure the copy will not only be well written, but strategic in its layout. Information arcitecture (IA) is essential to user experience (UX) and if you want someone to come back to your work, you need a writer who practices quality IA!

Content Strategy

I’ve personally created the bulk of copy for several websites and I can do that for you, too. Give me an idea of the type of site you want to build and I can craft SEO-focused, punchy content to draw in readers. We’ll start with your concept and I will build successive posts outward from there that frame your niche with quality content that provides your readers with entertainment as well as valuable, actionable information.

Product Reviews

If you have a product you believe in and want an honest review, I am definitely willing to talk about rates and the process of getting me to try it out. Again though, I will give an honest review and it will likely have jokes. You’ve been warned!

Creative Copywriting

I love to write fiction, particularly humorous, fantasy-based fiction. My personal inspirations are Terry Pratchet and T.H. White, but I also love a good horror story. I’ve been featured on Reddit in both Twosentencehorror and Nosleep, and published in Jokes Review.

Humorous essays, akin to what Cracked publishes, are my forte in this regard. Funny, lighthearted and easily consumable lists are a specialty of mine and I can build out of almost any idea you pitch. I’m always excited to rank random things and pepper the list with non-sequiturs.

About Me

I live in the Midwest US with my children, a wife, several other small mammals, and Lincoln’s ghost (probably). My body has recently begun experimenting with balding, so I’m excited about that. I write about my exploits with weight loss and humor at

I have years of experience researching and writing copy for a variety of websites, businesses and blogs and I’m interested in working with you!

I’m currently working on a spooky children’s book (a spooky book, not a book for spooky children though that might actually be my target market).

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